To organize your slides more easily, you have access to the slides viewer. With this function, you can have an overview, move, edit, delete all or part of your slides.

To access the slide viewer, click “Organize” on the bottom-right corner of the session.

You have an overview of your slides. You can organize your presentation with a drag and drop of the imported slides and created activities.

To select all your slides, click on "Select All".

You can choose to delete all of them at once by clicking "Delete All". Be careful, deletion is a permanent action on Beekast. Otherwise, you will lose all your slides. Click on "x selected items" to deselect all your slides or only tick the slides you want to delete. A confirmation will be requested.

You can edit your slide at any time, without disturbing your presentation! Click on the small pencil above the slide.

Then edit it the way you wish and click on "Save"! Your slide is edited and saved in real time.

Click on the small cross at the top right to leave the viewer.
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