How to set up your Timeline?

Click on the wheel icon at the top of the Timeline. By default, the Timeline is activated. Untick the box to deactivate it. Your participants will no longer be allowed to send messages on the Timeline.

By default, participants can post anonymously.

Tick the box to activate the moderation of messages and remain the "Master" of the game.

By default, screenshots of activities are generated in the Timeline, once they are closed.

To display messages automatically on the projection screen, tick this box in the Timeline settings.

To remove messages from the presentation screen, click on TIMELINE then on PROJECTED and press Unproject all messages to stop the projection within a click.

Select the display order of messages sent on the presentation screen, either by date or by Like.

Select messages position on the presentation screen.

Posts filters
You can choose to display either the messages or the activities' screenshots or both.

Caution, it is now possible to use the timeline settings to tag the messages. This is possible directly on the Timeline.

Click Timeline to see the most liked messages, to reach the section for moderation or the panel of projected messages.

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