The Timeline is meant to increase interactivity during your meeting.
Contributors can post their messages, comments and pictures.
Suitable for Q&A, the Timeline enables your audience to like and comment on the published messages.

To post a message

Click on "New post" and enter your message.
Switch on the cursor to post anonymously.
To attach a picture to your message or simply send a picture, click on the image icon, upload your picture and send it.

To comment on a message
To comment on messages, click on "**comment**", then write down your message and click on the sending icon.

To project messages on the presentation screen

The administrator of the session can manually choose the messages to be displayed on the main screen by clicking the icon Project. Use the same process to remove the message from the projection screen.

If you need to display all the messages directly on the projection screen, please go to the Timeline settings and tick the corresponding option. Messages can be selected by date or by like.

In the Timeline settings, you can choose the position you need to display your message on the projection screen.

By clicking on the 3 dots above the message to:
Pin your post
Display your message in “Full screen”
Please use the same process to remove it.

To remove automatically all the posts within a click: Timeline settings > click “Unproject all messages”.
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