With moderation, when a message is posted on the timeline by a participant, the administrator must allow it so that it is visible to your participants.

Tick the box to Enable moderation in the timeline settings.

When moderation is enabled, each time a message is posted on the timeline panel, you will get a

Once in the moderation, two buttons will appear on your moderator side: "allow" and "refuse". Only after the message has been accepted will it be visible on the participants' smartphones, tablets or computers.

On the participant side, as long as his message is not authorized, he sees "waiting for moderation" and the message remains invisible on the other participants' side.

If it is refused, the message will not be displayed on the timeline on the participants' side. On the administrator side, however, at any time you can find the refused message thanks to moderation.

You can then modify your choice and authorize the message.

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