Activities are now inserted into the timeline as events. A screenshot is published as soon as the activity is closed.
(You can change this parameter in the timeline settings).

New design for the timeline’s settings

Report :
A session report in Word format is now available in the new Report section. You can retrieve all discussions and the activities screenshots that took place during your session.

Download your Word report

New display for messages:
The display of messages evolves: find the different messages (to moderate, liked, projected) in a dedicated panel:
Moderation: the pending and moderated messages
Most liked: the messages that your participants most liked
Projected: all the projected messages and a button to remove them all
Beware, the « tag » action has been moved in the action menu of the message.

Example of notification for pending messages

New display for messages


Board activity :

By default, the ideas will be instantly published on the board.
The add button on the full screen view is less visible.

Password policy :

Beekast will now require more complex passwords to enhance account security:
9 characters minimum
at least one number
at least one capitalized character
at least one lowercase character

We have improve the compatibility with web browsers.

Visual design:
Our bees are in vacation, you will find them again in a new appearance

Performances :
The import of your presentation slides (ppt, pdf…) has never been faster!
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