How to integrate Beekast into Webex Meeting

How to integrate Beekast into Webex Meeting

Working remotely? Start your Beekast session and invite your team members to join a video conferencing meeting that lets you get work done, anywhere.

Here is a tip: The Webex video conferencing meeting.
Beekast will enable you to organize your session with your own content (pdf, ppt and videos), and interactive activities on the one side.
On another tab, you'll be able to see your members and talk to them through the video conferencing application Webex.

Once you've created your Beekast session, go to to log in or create your account.

You can either "Start a Meeting", Schedule it for later, or "Join a meeting" when you have the meeting code.

You can open the meeting by using the desktop app or the web app.

There you are! Your Webex video conferencing is open, and you can engage your audience in your Beekast session.

Add a Beekast session to your Webex Meeting

Please note! This feature is only available from the Webex Meeting thick client (application)

To integrate your Beekast session into your Webex Meeting :
  1. Click on "Start a meeting".
  2. Once in your meeting, click on "Share", then on "Share multimedia content".
  3. Enter the url of connection to your Beekast session, in the box provided for this purpose.
  4. Click on "Ok". 
Your session will appear at the bottom right of your Webex Meeting page, in the "Multimedia Viewer" section.

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