Best practices in Canvas activity & technical recommendations

Best practices in Canvas activity & technical recommendations

The Canvas activity is in theory unlimited in its possibilities. However, it is a resource-intensive activity. So you will find in this article a number of recommendations and informations for a good user experience! 

Many factors can affect the performance of your whiteboard:

  1. The number of items added
  2. The number of users
  3. The number of activities and slides in your session
  4. The number of browser tabs open in your browser
  5. The applications running on your device
  6. The characteristics of the device itself

Take a look at the tips below to get the best remote collaboration experience with Beekast

Usage Recommendations:

  1. We recommend not opening more than 2 Canvas simultaneously on a single device
  2. It is better to create several small Canvas (with little content) than one large one.
  3. Remember to resize the images that you include in your table to minimize their weight on the Canvas
  4. Make sure your browser is up to date and part of our list of supported browsers  
  5. Close all redundant browser tabs and windows
  6. Avoid editing many elements at the same time

In case of slowdowns

If you see the information banner with the message "The memory used by this Canvas is important. To improve performance and ensure optimal viewing for all participants, we recommend that you reduce the number or size of elements on this Canvas"

  1. Reduce the size of some elements until the banner disappears
  2. Users with older, less powerful devices (computers, tablets or smartphones) will experience a slowdown before others
  3. Rid the Canvas of unnecessary content → try uploading .jpeg or .png files instead of .gif files to lighten the board's content.  *

Note that only Bitmap format type images are accepted. Vector formats such as .SVG are not accepted in the Canvas activity.

To find all the features related to Canvas click HERE!

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