Close - Duplicate - Delete a session

Close - Duplicate - Delete a session

From the “My sessions” page

If you are the owner of the session, from the “My sessions” page, you will be able to by clicking on the three dots to the right of your sessions: 
  1. Close the session: this allows you to make the session unavailable to the participants. Once the session is closed, you can re-open it by clicking on the three dots, making it accessible again to the participants.
Only the owner of a session can open and close it. This option is not available to the participants and facilitators of the session. 
  1. Duplicate a session: this allows you to copy the session's structure (customization, tabs, activities and slides). The duplicated session will have no entries or statistics. It is possible to duplicate a session where you are a facilitator in your workspace.
  1. Delete a session: Deleting a session will erase the session and all its data, it is a definitive action.  

From the session’s homepage 

At its creation, a session is closed by default, and therefore unavailable to the participants.

From the session’s interface, you also have the possibility to open the session, if you are the owner of the session. Click on the “lock” icon at the top left of your screen.

On the tab that will open, you will have the option to open or close your session, as well as access to the public link and the code of your session.

To make it available from this interface, click on the “Close Session” handle, then select Open and validate your choice.

If your session has been opened (with participation) and then closed, when you reopen your session, a window will offer you the choice to keep the participation data collected or to reset the entire session. 

Any suppression or reset erases permanently the participation data. Once deleted, the information cannot be recovered.

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