Create a Board

Create a Board

Collect a set of ideas from your audience, structure and rank them based on a vote. You can also create actions and decisions from the idea cards sent by your participants!

Add a Board activity

To add the activity, click on Add a slide on the top left of your session, then scroll down the menu until you see Board and click on it.

Settings of the activity

  1. General
You access the editing panel to fill in all the information. First, fill in the title of your activity, this can be also a question. You have the possibility to add instructions to your activity to provide more information about it, this is optional.

  1. Activity format
You can choose between participation on “Direct” or “Round by round”.

With participation on Direct, all participants post their ideas on the board directly and the ideas are visible to all once posted.
With Round by round participation, participants can write down their ideas in a notepad (not visible to other participants) before publishing them on the board and making them visible.

Thanks to the notepad, each participant sends his or her contributions in a private space. They remain invisible to the other participants. This feature allows you to give your participants time to reflect individually before pooling their ideas.

After selecting the format for your activity, you can:
  1. Keep ideas anonymous or identify the authors of the ideas.
  2. Enable the possibility to assign a color to the submitted ideas. You choose the colors you want to make available. Your participants will then be able to choose among them to color their idea(s).
  3. Enable polling, you can choose the voting mode, either by Likes or by points, which will be played at the end of your Board activity.

  1. Categories

Create categories, add titles and assign a color to each category. Click + Add a category, give your category a title, you can also choose a color.
You can also create categories during the activity (by clicking on the + on the right of the slide), or leave the activity without categories if you wish.

You can activate the Approval of ideas before their publication. When this option is activated, the facilitator receives a notification for each submitted idea. The submitted ideas by the participants will have to be accepted or refused via the Moderate button at the bottom right of the activity.

  1. Settings
You have the possibility to activate a Stopwatch (to obtain the duration of your activity at its closing) or a Timer (to establish the duration of the activity).
You can also activate the counter of people who participated.

Once the settings are done, click on Save to register your activity.

Start an activity

To start your Board activity, as well for all the other activities, click on Start activity on the top right (Works only when on the facilitator control mode).

To submit an idea, click on Send an idea, then fill in the text in the indicated field, lastly choose the category in wish you want to see your idea appear.

You also have the possibility to associate an idea with a color, for this, click on the icon Card Color on the right of the field Idea. To finish, click on Send.

Once your table activity has started, you can add other columns using the "more" button next to the last column you added. Or delete columns by clicking on the three small dots next to your column title, then click on delete.

Functionalities of the Board

You can associate an idea to an image in the Board, click on the icon Image on the left of the button Send. You can select an image from your device or from an image library.

  1. Create a category
You can create a group of ideas by clicking on the three small dots on the top right of an idea, then click on Create à group, give the group a title. Finally, drag and drop the ideas you want to group.  

  1. Start polling
Once all the ideas have been put into the table, you can proceed to voting by clicking on Start polling at the top right of your activity. You must click on Vote and assign Likes or Points to the ideas by clicking on them.

  1. Create an action/ decision
You can create an action or decision from a card. Click on the three dots at the top right of an idea, then click on Plan an action or Make a decision.
Note that only the owner can plan an action or make a decision from an idea card on the board.

The actions and decisions will be found in the space Actions on the bottom right of your session.

  1. Choose the display mode
You can choose between the Board view and the List view. To do so, click on the Display board view or Display list view icon.

The list view allows you to have a more global vision of your categories. You can easily expand/collapse categories and thus modulate the display of your elements in order to have an overall view.

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