Create a Rating

Create a Rating

Collect feedback from your participants and project the average results on a large screen in real-time.
On a scale of 1 to 6, did you understand all the measures discussed?
Your users respond to your statement or question with a rating, ranging from 1 to 6 stars!
When viewing the results, you will see the distribution of the group's scores as well as the average of all the scores submitted by your participants with a visual scale. 

To create a Rating activity, click on "Add a slide" at the top left of your screen, and select "Rating".

Once you select the Rating activity, you will be taken to the activity editing console on the right side of your screen.

Edition of the activity

From this panel, you will have access to the following sections:
  1. Fill in the title
  2. Add Instructions that will provide more details about your activity. This is optional.
  1. Activity format:
Choose between 3 and 6 stars in total to be as close as possible to your needs.

  1. Results:
Choose the display mode for the activity results, either in real-time (Live) or only at the closing of the activity by yourself.

  1. Settings (Time management):
To make the activity even more dynamic, you can choose to display a Stopwatch or a Timer (to determine the duration of your activity).

Then, click on Save to register the information.

  1. Start your activity:
In the participants' mode (asynchronous mode), your Rating is automatically available once your activity is saved. In the facilitators' mode, you can manually start your activity by clicking on the green button Start activity on the top right of your slide.

To end the activity and ensure that your participants can no longer contribute to it, click on "Stop activity".

The options of the activity 

At any moment, by clicking on the three small dots on the right of your slide: 
  1. Edit your activity
  2. Duplicate the activity
  3. Reset the activity
  4. Capture the activity in image format
  5. Delete the slide

The assessment activities are not editable anymore once the responses have been saved.

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