Flows opening requirements

Flows opening requirements

To the IT Department

To enable your co-workers to use the service my.beekast.com in the best conditions, here are the necessary flow openings.

To access the application

All the FQDN must be accessible on ports 80 (http) and 443 (https).

Beekast recommends checking the support of WebSockets to ensure the proper functioning of the application if a proxy is used.
If a DLP system is set, be careful not to inject it into the frames of WebSocket so as not to block the operation of the application.

FDQN list:

For the minimal operation of the application:

www.beekast.com (application)
my.beekast.com (application)
beekast.live (application)
www.beekast.live (application)
api.beekast.com (API)
statics.beekastcontent.net (static files)

For support access by the users

To access the support website :

To access the inspiration site :

To access the Beekast community :

To access the registration page for the webinars :

To access the live chat : 


To log in through social networks


secure.aadcdn.microsofto nline-p.com

Email Whitelist
Access to the email coming from no-reply@beekast.com is required for an efficient experience with the solution. In the future, Beekast reserves the right to add new technical email addresses enabling to process authentication on the platform. So, we recommend applying all emails ending with beekast.com to your whitelist.

For any questions about this, please send an email to support@beekast.com
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