Tips to change the slide navigation mode

Tips to change the slide navigation mode

When you create your session, it is up to you to select the slide navigation mode. Two options are available: "The Facilitator control" and the "Participant control".

Facilitator control

Participants don't have control over the slides. When the facilitator changes the slides, it also changes for your participants. This is the synchronous.

Participant control

This option is an asynchronous feature that enables participants to move the slides autonomously and at their own pace. Each participant has control over the slides.

How to change the slide navigation mode?

Once a session is created, it is no longer possible to change the slide navigation.

Don't panic if you create your session with the wrong navigation mode. There is still a workaround: Import the slide from an existing session.
  1. Create a new session by selecting the needed slide navigation.
  2. Then, in this new session, click on "Add a slide".
  3. Click on "Import from session". This will enable you to access your sessions.
  4. Select the session you want to import slides from.
  5. Now, it's up to you to select some slides or to select all the slides.
  6. At last, click on "Import".
Your new session is ready with all the created activities and slides.

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