How to create a metaphor activity

How to create a metaphor activity

Using a metaphor, encourage discussion and generate ideas for achieving your team's goals.

Using the analogy of a boat, for example, your participants explore what allows the team to move forward towards its objectives and what has been holding it back. This approach, accessible to all, encourages the group to materialize the successes and weaknesses of a project.

To create a Metaphor activity, click on “Add a slide” on the top left of your screen, and select the activity Metaphor.

Once the Metaphor activity is selected, you will have access to the edition panel of the activity.

Edition panel of the activity

Fill in the title of the Metaphor
Add Instructions that will provide more details about your activity. This is optional.

  1. Background of the activity
Beekast offers “backgrounds that allow you to realize” different formats of brainstorming:
- Speedboat metaphor: used in a continuous improvement workshop by adapting the title and icons of the categories to your work context.
- Hot air balloon metaphor: you address the same theme (brakes/engines) as the Speedboat without the goals/obstacles dimension. The Hot air balloon analogy is a simple activity to implement continuous improvement in your team. It allows you to vary from the Speedboat and to bring novelty to your meetings (essential to avoid the lassitude effect in your participants).
- Rocket metaphor: a collaborative activity to discuss strategic issues. Take a step-up with the Beekast rocket and work as a team on transformation issues: describe your strategies and initiatives to be implemented (Earth), your resources such as teams and skills (Rocket), and finally the objectives (Moon) which are your strategic challenges.
- With the Car analogy, keep an eye in the rearview mirror to see how far you've come and to see the parachutes that are slowing you down, but don't forget to look ahead! A ravine is coming up fast, but the team probably has the means to build a bridge to avoid it!

Thanks to the pencil icon next to each proposal in the metaphor, you can change your column headings and even attach an image to the title.

  1. Activity format
To make contributions anonymous or not. When enabled, this option "hides" the author of an idea from being identified by other participants. In the statistics, this information is available to you.

  1. Activate the vote 
As a continuation of the collection of ideas, this can be voted by points or by “likes”.
  1. Settings (Time management)
To make the activity even more dynamic, you can choose to display a Stopwatch or a Timer (to determine the duration of your activity).

Then, click on Save to register the information.
  1. Start your activity
In the participants' mode (asynchronous mode), your activity is automatically available once it is saved. In the facilitators' mode, you can manually start your activity by clicking on the green button Start activity on the top right of your slide.

To end the activity and ensure that your participants can no longer contribute to it, click on "Close activity".

  1. Start Polling
If you have checked the option "Enable polling" on your activity, you will have the first phase of brainstorming and uploading the different ideas by clicking on "Start activity". Once all the ideas have been filled in, you will be able to vote by clicking on the button at the top right that has turned blue, "Start polling". Your participants will be able to vote by likes or distribute the points to the different ideas of the activity.

The options of the activity

At any moment, by clicking on the three small dots on the right of your slide: 
  1. Edit your activity
  2. Duplicate the activity
  3. Reset the activity
  4. Capture the activity in image format
  5. Delete the slide

The activity is not editable anymore once the answers have been saved.

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