Manage your activity

How to manage your slides?

In facilitator control mode sessions, the owner of the session and the added facilitators have access to control buttons that allows them to manage the activity for all the activities created. 

The management of activities via control buttons is only possible in the Facilitator control mode. In Participant control mode, the activities are accessible as soon as they are added to the session.    

Start an activity  

Once your activity is done, click on the green button Start activity at the top right of the slide to open it to your participants. This makes the activity accessible and your participants can start answering it.

Stop an activity 

To close your activity, you just need to click on the red button Stop activity at the top right of your activity. 
This way, your participants won’t be able to send more contributions or answers to your activity. The answers are sent and the results remain available for consultations once the activity is closed. 

Restart an activity 

After a sequence of comments or explanations on the activity, do you want to open it again? Click on the grey Continue Activity button on the top right of your slide

The activity menu and the other possible actions

Thanks to the three little dots at the top right of the activities, you can:
  1. Edit your activity, which allows you to modify the title and the content.
The slides imported from a document (Powerpoint or PDF, for example) cannot be edited on Beekast. 

The edition is limited to evaluation activities once the answers are recorded. This avoids biasing the results of your activity.
  1. Duplicate: create an identical copy of your activity.
  2. Reset: resets your activity, deleting all participation data.
  3. Screenshot the slide: Capture your slide at the moment in picture format.
  4. Delete the activity.  

All removals are definitive, whether it is a slide, an activity or an entire session.

Once your activity is closed, you can also use the arrow at the top right of your activity to reset it.


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