Import slides/activities from another session

Import slides/activities from another session

It is possible to import the slides and activities from one of your session to another one. This will save you from re-entering numerous questions.

To import the slides from another session to your session: 
1. Click on “Add a slide”
2. On the section that will open on the left of your screen, click on “Import from session”
3. Select the session from which you desire to import the slides or the activities 
4. Select the slides and/or the activities desired
5. Click on “Import”

Your activities and slides will be imported into your session (without any participation data). 

The information visible on a board (session)

  1. The title of the session
  2. The icon for the presentation mode: either by the Animator (icon of a reading desk)  or by the Participant (icon of a computer mouse)
  3. The number of slides
  4. The number of activities
  5. The number of tags added to filter the view of the sessions
  6. The date of creation of your session

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