Using Beekast in Teams

Using Beekast in Teams


Microsoft Teams is a communication platform developed by Microsoft, as part of the Microsoft 365 family of products.

You can download Microsoft Teams here.

New Meeting and Calling Experience in Microsoft Teams! From now on, the video conferencing tab is no longer integrated into the app's tab, but still on the browser. 

In this guide, you will discover how to integrate your Beekast's sessions into Teams.  🤩
Easily promote teamwork by using Beekast in Teams. Let's explore it together!

Get started

First of all, go to your Teams desktop application or the Teams websiteand sign in to your Microsoft account.
If you don't have a Microsoft account yet, click on " Sign Up". 

1. Once in your Teams account, pick a team and a channel to share your Beekast session. 

2. Add Beekast to the list of resources by clicking on the "+" icon at the top bar, then select " Beekast".

Or click "Applications" on the left sidebar and select Beekast. 

Once you sign in your Beekast account

  1. You access the list of your workspaces
  2. Click on a workspace to access its sessions or use the search bar to find the session you need
  3. Then click on the session, and click "Save"

Command buttons

As a participant, you can see:
  1. The home
  2. The Discussion space
  3. The list of activities
  4. The list of participants (if you sign in with your Beekast account)
  5. The presentation tab by clicking on the menu button 
In addition to all the buttons above, the session's owner has access to the menu button  :
  1. Slide navigation
  2. Documents 
  3. Stats 
  4. Settings 
  5. Your private space via your avatar in the bottom-left corner

Beware! You cannot create new Beekast sessions in Teams.

Removing a File from Resources in an MS Teams Assignment

To remove your Beekast session from the list of resources, please click on the resource's title/name at the top bar, and click on the arrow. You can remove the file, rename it or access the settings of the file.

Start an instant meeting in Teams

To start an instant channel meeting, click on Meet  Meet now button  in the top-right corner. depending on the environment you'll be using:
  1. In the web browser, your video calls are available as small picture-in-picture windows, in the upper-left corner. You can resize the window to be as big or as small as desired.

  1. Via the native application desktop, the video calls are available in a separate window. It's up to you to toggle the windows. 

To display two tabs or windows side by side on your device's screen:
  1. WinKey+left arrow to snap one tab to the left side of the screen
  2. Ctrl+N to open a new Window
  3. WinKey+right arrow to snap new tab instance to the right side of the screen
This double display works on any files ( Word, Excel, pictures, folders).

Get more help with the MS Support HERE

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