FAQ Teleworking

FAQ Teleworking

Are your teams scattered? Do you need to bring them together virtually to collaborate?

With Beekast’s interactive activities, organize and lead efficient and interactive meetings, co-creation workshops, and training sessions remotely. The result: build a sense of closeness between teams and keep projects moving forward.

Is Beekast downloadable?

No! Beekast is 100% online. Your participants and you don't need to download, nor to install anything. You only need to have an updated web browser and a good Internet connection. There is no offline version. 
Please check out the list of supported and compatible browsers.

How many participants can log into my session?

You can test the free version with 3 participants maximum. The easiest way to discover Beekast and introduce the first taste of interaction and collaboration. A subscription is necessary to organize a session with a bigger group. 
Please consult our pricing page for more information. Click HERE.

Is it compulsory for participants to have an account?

No, participants don't necessarily need an account to join a session. But for questions of a clear identification of your participants or even for security, you can require a mandatory account to join your sessions. 
You can also control access to your session thanks to the mandatory fields. 

Is there a video conferencing system in Beekast?
Beekast does not have an integrated video conferencing system. But Beekast can be integrated into Teams, and you can also use your Beekast sessions in parallel with Zoom or Jitsi, two video conferencing applications. 

Feel free to contact us at support@beekast.com if you have any other questions. 
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