Sign in to your account

Sign in to your account

You can access your Beekast account using different means. First, go to

Email address and password login

You can connect using an email address and password. Fill in your email address and your password in the indicated fields. Be sure that there are no mistakes in the email address or in the password, then click on Log in. 

Log in with Social networks 

You can connect with a social network (If you created your account using this method).

Go to and click on the social network you chose when you created your Beekast account. Follow the instructions, and you will log in to your Beekast account.

SSO connection

The SSO (Single Sign-On) is a method that allows the user to connect to multiple IT applications (websites) by using only one authentication. Managed by your company, the SSO allows you to keep the same logins and passwords (or any other authentication means…) to use all of your corporate applications.

The implementation of SSO is done jointly with our IT service and your company.

It is possible to log in by SSO directly from the Beekast page! It is not necessary anymore to search for the app in the catalog of authorized applications by your company. 
To connect using corporate SSO, go to, then click on Sign in with SSO. 

Attention: You must log in to your corporate network beforehand in order to take advantage of the SSO connection.

Next, fill in your email address. If you have multiple accounts on the tool your company uses for your single sign-on, then you will be asked to choose between them.

Forgot your password?

You forgot your password, or can’t connect to your account? 
Follow the forgotten password procedure. First, go to Then, click on Forgot your password? On the new page, enter the email address linked to your Beekast account and click on Send.

You will receive an email inviting you to reset your password. Go to your mailbox and click on Reset my password

Fill in the new password and click on Send.

Go back to the sign-in page, and enter your email address and new password. Your password is reset and you will have access to your Beekast account.

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