Create an MCQ

Create an MCQ

Test and assess your participants during your meetings, workshops or seminars with an interactive MCQ.
Ask a single or multiple choice question, and the first to give the right answer will appear at the top of the podium.

To create an MCQ activity, click “Add a slide” on the top left of your screen and select the MCQ activity.

Once the MCQ activity is selected, you will have access to the settings of the activity, on the right of your screen.

You will have access to the next sections:

  1. General
Fill in the title of your MCQ.
Add Instructions that will help you to provide more details about your activity. This is an optional feature.

  1. Activity format
You can allow your participants to select a single answer or multiple answers at once depending on the desired format.

  1. Answer propositions
Fill in the proposed answers to your question. Once all your answers are written, select the good response or responses. Click “Add proposition” to add new propositions to your activity.

Thanks to the icons on the right of your proposition, you can either add an image or delete a proposal.
You can also add an explanation to your activity by clicking “Add an explanation”. This will display an explanation of the good answer along with the results.

  1. Correction and Results
 Choose how you want the results of your activity to be displayed, either during the activity (after each answer) or when you close the activity.

  1. Settings (Time management)
To make the activity even more dynamic, you can choose to display a Stopwatch or a Timer (to determine the duration of your activity).

Finally, click on Save to register your settings.

Start your activity

Your MCQ is immediately available once the activity is saved on the Participant's control or asynchronous mode. On the facilitator control mode or the synchronous mode, you can start your activity manually by clicking on the green button "Start activity" at the top right of your slide.

To make your activity unavailable for your participants, you must click on “Stop activity”, on the top right of the slide.

As the owner/facilitator of a session, you can choose to participate in an activity by clicking on the tab Participate on the top of the activity slide once it has started.

The activity's options 

You can at any moment, by clicking on the 3 small dots on the right of your activity:
  1. Edit your activity
  2. Duplicate the activity
  3. Reset the activity
  4. Capture the activity in image format
  5. Delete the slide

On evaluation activities, participants cannot change their answers once they have submitted them


The MCQ is an assessment activity, your participants will earn points if they answer correctly to the activity. 

  1. Individual scores : 
In the activity, the individual earned points can be seen by the participants thanks to the slide’s podium clicking on the icon of the trophy, in the bottom right corner of the MCQ slide. 
The facilitator can also display the accumulated by participants from the projection screen, to see the progress of each. 

Owner’s view for the individual podium:

  1. Team scores: 
If you have created teams for your session, the earned points by the participants, for the MCQ activity, will be counted for the teams’ final leaderboard. The facilitator can see the teams' leaderboard from the Beekast projection screen. 

To display the projection screen and then the podium :
  1. Click on Present on the top right of your session.
  2. On the new tab that will open on your browser, pass your mouse in the top right corner of the screen to see the options.
  3. Finally, click on the trophy icon that appears.

Display of the projection screen and the general leaderboard:

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