My sessions and my role

My sessions and my role

There are 3 roles on a Beekast session, each one determining a right of action on this session. Depending on the role you belong to, you may or may not have access to certain Beekast features.

What is a role?

A role on a session is a status given to a person connected to this session. This role will determine the actions that can be done for a person connected to the session.

There are 3 roles on Beekast:
  1. Owner
  2. Host
  3. Participant

What are the rights attributed to the different roles?

Be careful! The actions available for the same role also depend on the license attached to the account for the Owner and Moderator roles

Owner :

 There can be only one owner per session. The owner is automatically the person who created the session. This person has full rights on this session.

Rights defined in part by the Beekast subscription

What can an owner do or see?

An owner can do anything that a participant can do on a session plus:
  1.  Add content :
    1. Import presentation content
    2. Create activity
    3. Add topics
    4. Add action & decision
  1. Scroll slides in scroll mode by the moderator 
  1. Access session information:
    1. Session access link / session code / session title
    2. Session parameters (small "i")
    3. Open or closed session
    4. Number of people connected to the session in real time and number of people who have connected to the session
    5. Session statistics (from Pro subscription)
  1. Project the session    
  1. Generate session export documents (Word report and statistics export (from Pro subscription)
  1. Delete and/or reset the whole session or an activity
Please note! Any deletion or reset in Beekast is final
  1. Access to the session settings
Some settings are only accessible with the Pro subscription

Facilitator :

Adding a moderator requires a premium license (Pro at least available online)

The owner or a moderator of a session has added you as a facilitator of this session. You can administer the session to the extent of the functionality available to you with this role.

What can a facilitator do or see?

A facilitator can do anything that a participant can do in a session plus :

  1. Add content (import content, create activity, add topics, add action & decision)
  1. Scroll through the slides in a scrollable mode by the moderator 
  1. Have access to session information:
    1. Session access link / session code / session title
    2. Session parameters (small "i")
    3. Number of people connected to the session in real time and number of people who have connected to the session
    4. Session statistics (from Pro subscription)
  1. Project the session
  1. Delete and/or reset an activity
Please note! Any deletion or reset in Beekast is final
  1. Access to the session settings except the complete session reset setting
Some settings are only accessible from the Pro subscription

Participant : 

You have been invited to join and participate in a session. The session owner has provided you with a session code or a URL (containing the session code) or a QRcode. 

What can a participant do or see?

  1. Scroll through the slides in the participant's slide mode
  2. Play the activities and find them from the "activities" button in the blue banner of your Beekast page
  3. Add an action or a decision and modify them
  4. Send a message on the discussion space
  5. Consult the list of participants if the settings are configured for

How do I know what my role is in a session?

There are several ways to know or at least recognize your role on a session:

  1. On the "My Sessions" page, once you log in to your account, your role is listed on the session information line in the third position.
  2. By looking at the features available on the session: For example, a facilitator will not have the "Documents" tab in the blue banner on the left of the session page.

Can I change my role? 

It is possible to appoint one or more facilitators for a session (features available from the Pro version). These people could previously be simple participants. It is also possible to remove moderators from a session, in which case they will become simple participants again.

A session owner will always be a session owner as long as he is logged in to his Beekast account.

This owner can be considered as a participant if he joins the session while not being connected to his Beekast account!

The different roles in Beekast and the associated rights

There are three different roles on Beekast: 
  1. Owner: You created the session, and you have all the rights on it.
  2. Facilitator: The owner of the session added you as a facilitator on it. You can host it within the limits of the features available to you with this role.
  3. Participant: You have been invited to join a session and to be part of it. You can participate in all the different activities.
Rights according to the role:




Open/ Close the session


Share the public link and session code 



Generate documents


See the statistics



Participate to the activities




Open/Close the activities (synchronous mode)



Add slides and activities



Scroll through the slides (synchronous mode)



Add facilitators



Access to the session’s settings 



Choose the identification mode of the session


Warning: There’s only one owner to the session. Ownership of a session is not transferable.

How to identify my role in a session?

In your space, “My sessions”, you will find all your sessions. Your role is indicated on each session line. 

See the article on the page My sessions.

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