Open and share a session

Open and share a session

At its creation, a session is closed by default, i.e. it is inaccessible to the participants.

Open a session

You can open your session at any moment, by clicking on the lock icon at the top left of your session.



On the new window that opens, click on the tab “close session”, until you have the message “session open”. 

Invite participants to join a session

Once your session is open, you can invite your public to join in. For this, you can pass on the public link, the session code or display the QR code of the session.
Read the article Invite my participants

Public link
You can :
- Either copy the public link and use your own channel of communication to transmit your link. 
- Or send an invitation directly by email, from this page. 

Fill in the email addresses of your participants, separated by commas, and finally click on Send invitations. 

Once the link is received, your participants will just have to launch it from their browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge) to join the session.

The code of the session

Copy and share the code of your session, which your participants will need to enter on the platform to join the session.
The code of the session is a convenient way to invite your participants in a situation where sharing the public link is more complicated. 

The session code can be generated randomly as many times as desired. With each new generation, the previous code is no longer valid.

Close a session

At any moment, you can close your session to make it inaccessible.
To do so, click on the green button “Open session” at the top left of your session 
Activate the button “Close session”.

It is also possible to invite your participants using a smartphone with a QR code. Consult our other article about How to generate the QR code of my session? Click HERE.

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