F.A.Q. How does it work?

F.A.Q. How does it work?

How does it Work?

Email address verification.
To complete the sign-up process, quickly confirm your e-mail address in 7 days. Otherwise, you won't be able to access your account. It will be necessary to re-connect to your account and click "Send me back the confirmation e-mail". Then, go back to your e-mails and click on the link to complete the process.

Limit of participants per session.
The count of participants you can host per session depends on your Beekast plan. The FREE account is limited to 3 participants simultaneously connected. You can consult your offer by clicking on the bubble on the bottom left of your session, then click "My account" and "Subscription".
For more details, go to our pricing page .

To display a message on the projection screen
Click "Live session", then hover your pointer over the top bar and click on the full-screen icon (the small two arrows) on the top right. Or press the "full screen" key of your keyboard (Fn + F11 for some devices).

To project and moderate my session at the same time
To project and moderate a session on the same computer, use the extended view mode. This functionality helps to connect your computer to a projection screen. You will have two tabs. Your admin page on the other hand and your overhead projector on the other hand.
This will enable you to moderate the timeline, and pass the slides and so on.
Consult our tutorial on the Extended view mode

To display a message on the projection screen
Click on the screen icon over each message on the Discussion.
Consult our tutorial Display in full screen

To invite participants to join my session
At the upper-left corner of your session is indicated the title and the link of the session (participate: www.beekast.com/xxxx). Hover your cursor over the link to copy it. You will just have to send it to your participants.
You can also invite your participants by e-mail by clicking on the count of participants on the top right of your session.

To export data collected during my session
To export data:
Click "Stats" on the left sidebar of the session, then click "Export Excel". An Excel document will be sent to you by email.

or click "Report" to download an editable Word report.

Structure of the "Export" file
The "Export" file is an Excel document. It is organized by activity, with the name of the participants on a line with all data and answers. Each worksheet corresponds to an activity. There is also a worksheet dedicated to the Discussion and another one with the list of participants.

To create a session
Once you connect to your account, click on “+” in the orange circle then enter the title of your session and click “create”. You'll access the interface to import your files and create your activities.

To modify the session code
Once in a session, click "Settings" on the left sidebar of the session, then in the "General" panel, you will be able to edit the session title and the session codeIt is preceded by the link "www.beekast.live/"
**Available from the PRO offer**

To delete a session
Once on the page "My sessions", click on the three dots over the chosen session then click “Delete”.
Only the session owner can delete the session.
Consult our tutorial Delete a session

To reset an activity
Once in a session, click on the slide’s menu (the three dots on the top right of your slide) and click Reset.
Warning: Resetting your activity will lead to data deletion (answers, results). But you will keep its contents (title, description/instructions, questions, choice of answers, attached images, settings).

To duplicate a session
Once on the page "My sessions", click on the three points over the chosen session, and then click on "Duplicate". the session copy will be created with no participants or no activity-related data (responses to a vote).
Consult our tutorial Duplicate a session

To add a moderator or a co-animator on my session
**Available from the PRO offer**

Click Settings on the left sidebar of the session and then click on "Moderator". In this section, type the email address associated with your co-worker’s Beekast account.
Click the count of participants on the top right of the session and click "invite by email". You'll be able to send an invitation by email to the moderators as well as to participants.

Consult our article on Add a moderator and invite your participants

To close a session
You can either:
go to the page "my sessions" and click on the three dots over the chosen session, and then click "close".

click the status Open on the top left of the session, then click Closed.
Participants will no longer access the session until you decide to re-open it.
View our tutorial Close a session

To consult or download my invoices
Click on your account icon at the upper-corner of your session, then click "My Account". Finally, click on the "Billing" tab. You will find the history of your invoices in PDF format.
In this tab, you can also edit your payment information.

To extract the photos sent on a SelfieWall
Click "Stats" on the left side of your session, then click on "Selfiewall" and finally click on the title of the Selfiewall. You will have access to all the photos, right click and save the pictures on your computer.
You can also recover your photos by copying and pasting the links in the Excel file.

To create an activity
To create an activity, you first need to open a Beekast Session. Then, once in the session, click ADD A SLIDE and select your activity.
Please don’t forget to “Save” the activity' setting before creating another one.
Consult the section slides and activities .

To add PDF or PPT files to your presentation
To import your pdf or ppt files in your session, just click ADD A SLIDE, then select the type of file you want to import. Then, confirm your choice. Your file will be split into independent slides.
PPT files are converted to images. For this purpose, all animation effects are removed from the text.
NB: A maximum size per file to import is assigned to you according to your subscription.

To edit an activity
To edit an activity:
*Either click the three dots on the top right of your slide and click Edit. Through this menu, you also have access to settings, duplication, deletion (and resetting your activity, if it contains results).
*Or from the viewer (the "Organize" button) at the bottom-right corner of the session. click the three dots and click "Edit" to modify the content of your activity.

Note that you are limited in editing activities that have already been launched.

To reset a global session
Go to the settings on the left sidebar of your session, scroll down the right panel to reach the "Reset session" button.
Warning: By resetting your session, you will lose participation data (answers, results, activities on the Discussion). But you will keep the content of your slides and activities, and the settings of the session.
Consult our tutorial Global reset of a session

To reset the results without deleting the whole activity
To reset an activity results while keeping its content, click on the slide menu ( the three dots on the top right of the slide) then click "Reset". A message will then appear to confirm your action.

To change the language
Click on your avatar or initials on the bottom left of your session. Then, scroll down the menu and select the desired language.
Consult the tutorial Change the language

Thank you for using Beekast!

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